The big wilderness begins straight  at our front door. If you head south-east the next village is 50 km away! The surroundings are a mixture of old taiga forests, little creeks and lakes and big wet lands. The biggest mire area in Europe called Teuravuoma is only a few kilometers from the ranch. Open landscape miles ahead makes an amazing setting for dog mushing and hunting the northern lights and starry skies. This is a perfect place for dog powered adventures!

The homestead was built in the 1920's and the house itself is one of the few buildings  that were saved during the 2nd World War in Lapland. Through the years the ranch has seen different types of farming. It has had sheep, cows and horses and, of course, cats and dogs. We have transformed it into a full-time husky ranch with cosy kennels and individual doghouses and one big (1500m2) freerunning pen where they have fun when not pulling sleds or carts.