Reviewed February 19, 2018 Once in a lifetime experience!

When we got dropped off at the ranch, we met Juho who was so lovely and welcoming it made the start of the trip fantastic.

Now this tour isn't your hotel tour where the dogs come to you and are already harnessed. This tour is 100% authentic! You meet and spend time with your huskies. You learn their names and backgrounds and you have to harness them to your very own sled.

Juho operates a maximum of 5 people on each tour (each person to their own sled) which really allows you to enjoy your time in nature and not be surrounded by people/tourist (which although you are one, you know are the worse!).

When we first set off, I couldn't believe how solo the activity was although Juho was always in front keeping and eagle eye on everyone.

This experience was one of the best experiences I have had in my life, including seeing the Aurora Borealis and I thank Juho for opening his home to us.

Just another perfect example of the hospitality you will find in Akaslompolo.

There are so many more things I could say about this tour but nothing will compare to you doing it yourself!

This is a must!


Reviewed February 19, 2018 Outstanding experience I'd repeat in a heartbeat!

To say Juho is passionate about what he does would be to diminish how deeply engrained his huskies and mushing are in his life. Juho lives and breathes this lifestyle. Deeply knowledgable and yet friendly, humble and easy to talk with. He wants you to love this lifestyle too... and trust me you will! An exceptional guide who let you take the reins of his huskies that he races over 200km or 300km. The day just isn't long enough. He will ensure you're warm enough, fed and feel comfortable mushing! I'd go back for a two day tour in a heartbeat!

James/ UK

Reviewed February 11, 2018 2 days safari review

We had an amazing experience travelling with Juho and his dogs,

Before the 2 days safari, I thought the dog sledging was the highlight of the safari, but the truth is that it’s all amazing. Juho made us discover the life in a wilderness cabin, he is taking care of everything for us, but not in a « hotel- customer » kind of relationship but more in a friend to friend one.

The 2 days safari include lots of meals to stay full of energy, and every one of them is surprising and enjoyable. The sauna in the wilderness will stay as a highlight of our all trip in Finland.

We struggle to decipher the web to find a « not too touristic » husky safari, and if one word define the safari designed by Juho and his wife Hannah, it is AUTHENTIC.

Thanks again Juho, you made our trip an unforgettable one.


Reviewed January 3, 2018 Amazing experience!

My partner and I had such a fantastic time doing the half day husky sledging at husky ranch Lapland! Couldn’t have asked for a more friendly and lovely guy in Juho and it was such fun to go out all together and to spend time with the beautiful huskies in such amazing scenary. Such fantastic animals and very clearly so loved by Juho and Hanna. Would go back and recommended this experience in a heartbeat! Would also recommend having your own sled for maximum fun!


Reviewed February 6, 2017 Exhilarating Experience with Perfect Hosts

As soon as the car engine stopped we could hear the huskies barking and howling. Hanna came running out the house to greet us and quickly ushered us into the house to get some more suitable clothing on – woollen socks & Sami boots, thick snow pants, a big down parka and huge mittens. Once properly dressed, it was then back outside to meet Juho, our guide for the trip, and the huskies. The howling and barking might sound intimidating but these dogs love nothing more than attention – we had 30 minutes of patting, cuddling & generally making a fuss of the dogs while Juho & Hanna brought the dog teams together and hooked them up to our sleds. Once the dogs & the sleds were ready were given a quick and simple briefing on how to operate the sled and the dos & the don’ts. On Juho’s signal, the foot came off the brake, the dogs stopped howling and we were off – off for one of the most exhilarating experiences I think you could ever have. Whether you are standing and driving the sled or sitting down in the sled, it’s impossible not to smile as you whisked through forest tracks and across flat plains by the dogs. And the dogs seem to love it too, they hardly seem to put any effort in, more like a walk in the park for them. The scenery was incredible and made more so with short hours of daylight. Midway through our trip, we stopped for sausages, cooked over an open fire, and some hot coffee & warm juice. After another incredible ride back to base, we had more time with the dogs while they were fed. There was no rush for us to leave which was nice, it made the experience richer seeing how well the dogs were looked after.
Juho & Hanna are the perfect hosts – their customer service skills are second to none and they do their utmost to ensure that the experience becomes personalised and a lasting memory. As an added bonus, their English language is perfect for the non-Finnish speaker like myself.


Reviewed January 23, 2017 Huskey daytrip

Me and my sister did many Husky sledge trips but none of these is comparable to Juho's. You can feel and see the lovable care about his Alaskan Huskies and the passion about his work.

It was a fantastic day out in the tundra to enjoy some sunshine and the beautiful landscape of the lapland.

Thank you so much Juho, it was a pleasure to meet you and we can truly recommend you:-)

All the best for further trips and races
Alexandra and Angelika from Switzerland

Reviewed March 2, 2016 Magical World

We did a two day tour with Juho and husky's. A unique experience in the wonderful world of snow. The huskies are very smart, strong, very sweet, and you're really part of a team. A wonderful experience to refresh you're head, to 'feel' Finland, and to be into the wild. The overnight stay was a unique experience in the forest cabin. We were suprised with a sauna and the northern lights was dancing around. Juho is an excellent guide and takes good care of you and the husky's of course in the first place!